Bass player in a Jacksonville band called "BETTERDAZE"
  Please vist our website, BETTERDAZE.info and sign our guestbook! Feel free to give comments or suggestions in our forum. This site is still in progress, so forgive us for not having alot there.

Band Website?

December 18th, 2006 + 2:12 PM  ·  SweetBabyJames

Can i put my bands website address up on my threads or posts or whatever their called? LOL
    Thanks, SweetBabyJames

4 Track recording?

December 18th, 2006 + 2:12 PM  ·  SweetBabyJames

Hey Everybody! I'm new here, i'm SweetBabyJames and i'm the bass player for "BETTERDAZE"
 We have been recording some rehearsals on a Tascam portastudio. Anyone familar with it? Anyway, how would i go about getting a song from that to this site? Keeping in mind of course that i'm a computer dummie!!!   Thanks for any replies, SweetBabyJames   

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